Kunquat – a fresh take on old school trackers

Creating Soundscapes for Games

April works for a computer game company and is responsible for creating soundscapes for games. Moving the game to use libkunquat for sound rendering lets April use graphical tools from Kunquat project to tie songs and sounds into the game world and have game elements respond to changes in the music as well. In this use case libkunquat would also take care of sound effects played when the character jumps or collects a coin.

alternatives: Firelight FMOD, Audiokinetic Wwise

Digital Music Production

May creates and sells albums of digital music online. She is musical, but does not have a training for playing an instrument. Kunquat-tracker lets her create her music albums by editing as an alternative for having to play the instruments in real time. She occasionally records a small set of notes through MIDI interface or using the qwerty keyboard when she is on the run.

alternatives: Impulse Tracker, Renoise

Live Performances

June plays keyboard in a band in front of a live audience. She has traditionally used hardware synthesizers to produce sound, but is looking for software alternatives to make her gear more portable. She decides to use Kunquat instruments for rendering her keyboard playing into sound on stage.

alternatives: ZynAddSubFX